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Language combinations

Italian > German (sworn)

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As a publicly appointed and sworn translator and interpreter for Italian, I work in a variety of fields and cover a number of different subjects:










Automotive engineering






Food industry









Certified translations:

In additional to technical subjects and general texts, I also produce certified translations for the language combination Italian <> German. These are usually needed for courts or to comply with the legal requirements of a particular country and can only be made by a translator sworn or authorised by a court. Features that make a certified translation different from other translations are the attestation, the certification stamp and the signature of the translator confirming that the translation is correct and complete and that it corresponds to the document presented (original/copy).

Examples of certified translations:

  • official documents and deeds
  • acknowledgements of paternity and maternity
  • birth certificates / marriage certificates / death certificates
  • school reports / certificates / diplomas
  • attestations
  • contracts
  • notarial deeds
  • certificates of good conduct
  • legal texts (court, lawyer, notary)

Document translations (Italian <> German)

There are a number of occasions when a certified translation of a document is needed. Whether it is for a marriage, naturalisation, vocational training or the recognition of Italian school or university certificates, I can translate your document or certificate into Italian or German so that you can submit it to the relevant office, agency or government.

Do you have a deadline to meet or appointments in the near future for which you urgently need a certified translation of your document? Just tell me that it is urgent so that I can translate the document for you as quickly as possible and ensure that it reaches the right address on time. If you live in or near Munich, you can always collect the document in person from my office in Schwabing.

Four-eyes principle:

It is a well-known fact that four eyes see better than two! For this reason, for all translations into the foreign language, I always work together with qualified colleagues or Italian professionals, who proofread my translations again.

Get in touch

Do you need a translation or an editor or proofreader for translations of any kind? Are you looking for someone to translate an official document? Just send your document to me by e-mail, saying when you would like it delivered, and I will give you a non-binding quotation.

It’s as simple as this:


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SDL Trados Studio 2017

For regular customers and recurring translations in a particular technical field I also work with the computer-aided translation tool SDL Trados Studio 2017. Using this CAT tool ensures that technical terms and the company’s specific in-house terminology are used uniformly and consistently. A further benefit of this translation software is that the translation process is quicker, with no loss of quality.


German – Italian – English is not enough?

If you need a different language combination or have a request for a technical field that I do not cover myself, I can of course recommend colleagues from my professional network. I am always happy if I can assist you!

How much does a translation cost?

My prices depend on the length of the text (number of words / standard lines), the difficulty of the text, the language combination and the urgency of the translation, or the desired deadline. I shall be happy to produce an individual and non-binding quotation for you and to offer advice on your request.

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Who is allowed to produce certified translations?

Certified translations may only be produced by generally sworn or authorised or publicly appointed translators, who first have to prove that they are qualified and then need to swear a general oath before a Regional Court, Higher Regional Court or German government agency; pursuant to section 189 subsec. 2 of the Judicature Act (GVG), this is then valid before all national and regional courts in Germany. The translators are obliged to translate the written texts into the corresponding language faithfully and conscientiously and are required by law (GVG section 189 subsec. 4) to observe professional secrecy.

What is a certified translation?

A certified translation is a translation bearing an attestation, a round stamp and the signature of the translator. The translator is then liable for the content of the translation and confirms that the translation of the documents is correct and complete (cf. section 142 subsec. 3 of the Code of Civil Procedure – ZPO).

Does the sworn translator need the original document in order to produce a translation?

Whether the original document is needed always depends on the requirements of the institution/agency to which the certified translation is to be submitted. It should be noted that the translator always states in the attestation whether the original, a certified copy or a simple copy was presented to him for the translation.