Because of my German/Italian roots, I have always been fascinated by languages and different cultures, which led me to decide on a career as a translator and interpreter.

In professional terms, I see my mission not just as transposing the written or spoken word from one language to another, but also as creating the possibility of building bridges between people and cultures and of overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers in this way.

I trained at the Sprachen- und Dolmetscherinstitut (SDI) in Munich and at the Italian Luspio University (Rome) during my term abroad.

Having passed the State Examination for Translators and Interpreters in Italian, I continued my studies at the Munich University of Applied Linguistics (SDI), where I took a Bachelor’s degree in Translating and then two years later a Master’s degree in Conference Interpreting. Throughout my time as a student, I always had good marks, which were rewarded with scholarships (SDI Scholarship & Deutschlandstipendium).

Since taking my degrees (in 2013 and 2016), I have worked as a freelance, publicly appointed and sworn translator and interpreter for Italian and as a conference interpreter with my professional domicile in Munich. I translate and interpret mainly for companies in a variety of industries, for courts and public prosecutors, law firms, government agencies, the police and private individuals.

I am on the register of the Munich I Regional Court as a publicly appointed and sworn translator and interpreter for Italian and on the register of the Italian Consulate General in Munich.

I regularly attend meetings of the Italian language group of the BDÜ regional association for Bavaria and am listed with my services on their website as a member. In addition, I also regularly attend meetings and further training courses organised by the association and use every opportunity to learn from my colleagues about the latest developments in our profession.

Do you still have any other questions about me?
I shall be happy to answer them at any time.